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There is no better Construction Accounting Software
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"There's no need to learn a complicated accounting system. Everything is taken care of automatically. BuildSoft home builder software has paid for itself many times over just in savings that would have been paid to accountants. As a result of using BuildSoft, we save over $3000 a year in accounting fees alone!"

Roger Macon
Paradise Homes Inc.
Lithonia, GA

Construction Accounting Software

Construction General Ledger

You don't have to be an accountant to use BuildSoft’s home builder construction accounting software; simple setup and automated entries keep your books balanced and your construction projects organized.

  • It's easy to use. Construction accounting entries are automated and the system comes equipped with the standard NAHB Chart of Accounts to save days of setup time.
  • Save time and money by reducing the chance of clerical error.
  • You don't have to remember your debits from credits.

Construction Accounts Payable

The construction accounts software system keeps track of every supplier and every invoice, so you can keep your jobs within budget and quickly identify and quantify budget overruns.

  • Keep your budget on track. The construction accounting program automatically flags over-budget items and helps you identify root causes to improve future jobs and make your vendors more accountable.
  • Avoid construction accounting mistakes. You'll never overpay an invoice, pay twice, or pay before work is done.
  • Stay on top of subcontractors insurance. You'll get automated alerts about insurance expiry whenever you enter an invoice.
  • Monitor your cash flow. Aging reports let you keep a close eye on what you owe.

Construction Purchase Orders / Work Orders

Keep your POs and WOs organized with a robust construction accounting software. The system produces schedules, processes purchase and work orders and generates change and variance orders as needed.

  • Streamlines ordering by using information you've already entered.
  • Keep on track. Construction Project Management ties into scheduling to let you know when to send out instructions to sub-trades, and allows for percent-complete reports to be automatically created at the job level.
  • Allocate incoming invoices to associated jobs, so the system knows what amounts to expect. You get better visibility into construction job costs and variances, and you can manage your cash flow more proactively.

Construction Draw/Billing Schedule and Accounts Receivable

Buildsoft’s construction accounting software creates customer invoices, prepares AIA documents, draws request reports for banks and provides aging and construction invoice history reports that can be sorted by customer or by job.

  • Saves time by streamlining communication with customers and the bank.
  • Helps you control your cash flow cycle by keeping track of customer payments.

Construction Payroll

Take the hassle out of payroll with BuildSoft’s automated solution. BuildSoft's payroll component produces checks, calculates workers comp, produces report worksheets and W2s, and provides hourly payroll reports that you can sort by employee, job or account.

    It's one less worry for you. BuildSoft automates all the payroll functions, ensures compliance with government-regulated standards and takes the hassle out of your hands.

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